"With spectacular snowy peaks and plunging river valleys, Himachal is India’s outdoor adventure playground. From trekking and climbing to rafting, paragliding and skiing, if it can be done in the mountains, it can be done here. A convoluted topography of interlocking mountain chains also makes Himachal a spectacular place simply to explore, by bus, car, motorbike or jeep safari. Every pass crossing into a new valley brings you into a different world, with its own customs, gods and even language. Villages perched on staggering slopes enchant with fairy-tale architecture and their people's easygoing warmth." - Lonely Planet
Luckily I got my chance to study in Himachal where I completed my under graduation. Although being mostly an introvert who rarely goes out, heck... I travelled to land offshores in Himachal, places which only dreams I had of. In this series I tried to capture all the essence of the place as much as I could. 
Henri Cartier Bresson rightly said, "Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation".
Tosh, Parvati Valley
Himachal Pradesh
Tosh, Parvati Valley
Himachal Pradesh
Shiva Temple and Kul Devta - Parvati Valley
Himachal Pradesh
Upper Dharamkot, Mcleodganj,
Himachal Pradesh
Illiterati Cafe, Mcleodganj,
Himachal Pradesh
Kutla, Parvati Valley,
Himachal Pradesh


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