Daily life superheroes is a series where each and everyday people who work for us to make our lives easier, gets unnoticed. Though digital image manupulation and using props, we tried to showcase that every person is important and thus they are a superhero.
Welder - Ironman
Watchman - Batman
Milkman - Superman
Electrician - Flash
Blacksmith - Captain America
Hulk - Carpenter
Photography and Post - Processing: Ankan Pratk Roy
Styling and Sourcing: Kritika Negi, Soni Sourav, Teresa Sabastian
Location and Scouting: Kartike Sharma, Rajarshi Verma

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RAAS Resorts - Collateral Branding
June, 2015
BrandingGraphic DesignPrint Design
Jodhpur: The Festival of Colours
March, 2015
Digital PhotographyPhotographyPhotojournalism
Himachal Pradesh: Chai and Sketches
June, 2015
DrawingIllustrationLandscape Design
The Reciprocal
August, 2013
Personal Branding: Ankan Pratik Roy
January, 2016
BrandingGraphic DesignIcon Design
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